Oct 21, 2013

Halloween Series: Halloween Colors

Purple, Black, Orange, Grey and Yellow. These are the colors which we associate with Halloween, isn't it? Few years ago during Halloween I bought a colorblock top with these colors. So this fall I was itching to try and recreate that colorblock on my nails.
I was about to do the exact color blocking as my top (see last pic) but Sohpie's striped black n white nail design inspired me to do the colorblocking her way. While we are talking about Sophie, let me take a minute to mention that I am huge, HUGE fan of her nail designs and her work.
The polishes that I have used are:
Purple: Ulta's Celebutante
Grey: Sally Hansen's Wet Cement
Orange: OPI's On The Same Paige
Black: Maybelline's Onyx Rush
Below is a picture of my nails with my colorful halloween colorblock top in the background :)

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