Oct 17, 2013

DS Reserve and Rhinestones

Hello Friends. Today I am sharing my new floral mani with you all. The new thing about this floral mani is I have used nail art rhinestones in the mani. This is very special because this is the first time EVER that I have used rhinestones. Another special thing about this mani is I have used OPI's DS polish called DS Reserve. I like how this pink shade's diamond dust glimmers and glitters by itself. I love DS polishes from OPI and in case you are wondering what DS is, it stands for Designer Series. The polishes in this series have special formal for exceptional shine and dazzle and are slightly pricier than the normal OPI polishes. The white polish that I have used is OPI as well - My Boyfriends Scales the Walls ( from OPI's spider man collection). Hope you all like this mani.