Oct 4, 2013

Gradient Green Dots

Happy Friday Lovelies. I think its the first time in the history of my blog, that I have posted nailart everyday of the week (Mon-Fri). So today's nail art is gradient green dots.
The above and below shots are taken by my hubby who is an awesome photographer when it comes to macro shots. My nails look really well in both the pictures and the gradient dots are captured really well( I think I should have him do all my nail shots from now on, what say??? )
The polishes that I have used are: White - SinfulColor's Snow Me White. Green polishes from light to dark shades are - Revlon's Jaded, Urban Outfitters Girrl Like You, Sally Hansen's Green With Envy, Revlon's Emerald City, Charlotte Russe's "Unnamed" Dark Green Color.
Hope you like this simple nail design. Have a wonderful weekend.

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