Oct 14, 2013

Halloween Series: Halloween Glitter

Last year in Nov 2012, China Glaze came out with an amazing collection of polishes called Cirque du Soleil collection (inspired by the move). The glitter polishes in this collection was what caught my attention and I ended up buying all the glitter ones from Cirque du Soleil.

Last year for Halloween Orly came out with polish called R.I.P. which was an awesome black and orange glitter polish. I wanted to buy it very badly but somehow couldn't get my hands on one. So when I saw "Get Carried Away" black and orange glitter polish from Cirque du Soleil collection I immediately thought of Orly' R.I.P and hence of Halloween.
Get Carried Away is a thick sheer base glitter polish. Because of its sheer base you can't wear it by itself and have to put a base coat which would accentuate the glitter better. So here are pictures of China Glaze's "Get Carried Away" over Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri "Presto Pewter" Nail Color. I didnt use black as the base coat because using black hides all the black bar glitter in the polish.
I think this glitter polish is a simple and easy way to decorate your nails for Halloween.

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