Oct 29, 2013

Halloween Series: Glow in the Dark Polish

What is more appropraite than a glow in the dark polish for Halloween? So with Halloween just 2 days away,I am sharing my "glow in the dark" nails with you. The polish I have used is from Claire's. Claire's glow in the dark polishes are sheer and for the pictures below, I used 3 coats of polish.
I appologise for the bad quality of the picture below. The glow was really hard to capture in dark but believe me I tried - A LOT (with lot of help from hubby). But couldn't get a perfect shot of the glow. But doesn't the blurry picture makes it more ghostly ;)
So just in case you are out of ideas of what to wear on your nails while trick or treating at night on halloween, this would be the perfect polish.

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